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VIP - Let Things Rip and I Do Not Mean Rest at All until Afterwards


Reviewing blathes on "vi" last night, after I had skied into the wee hours with only non-sexual, albeit confused, thoughts even though I was feeling warm, cozy, exhilarated and eager for more, I noted that among these blathes was one that touted vi as "happiness - treatment for erectile dysfunction disorder."

This was by a sweet person with chemical, and probably for all I know drug/pharmaceutical - well, okay, drug - experience.

I first thought that she might have been lead to write that blathe because of some mysterious, telepathic connection between her and me, perhaps going back over ten years when I first wrote patents and patent applications referred to below.

Then I thought "No. She knows about all this on her own. She's very, very smart, but she just made a typo."

I guess I still don't know if those thoughts might not be mutually exclusive. What got us both to wander ultimately to blather anyway?


There is a drug called "vip", for "vasoactive intenstinal peptide," that has in fact been used, and patented for use, in treating erectile dysfunction.

I do not use "disorder" with that condition because I surmise that "disorder" is usually superfluous in the eyes of those with the dysfunction whenever it manifests itself.

I believe the drug is being sold for that purpose in a number of countries and is in clinical testing for FDA marketing approval in the US.

Viagra(R) has diminished the potential demand for vip. The primary reason for this is that Viagra can be taken orally but vip must be injected. This injection cannot be just anywhere, mind you. It must be into the base of the penis shortly before an erection is desired.

Doctors say this requirement for injection is not a problem, but patients have been socialized to have a different view. A patient that is already prone (no pun intended) to think putting condoms on is a nuisance generally believes that injection of something by himself or his partner into his penis is simply unacceptable.

Nonetheless, vip remains an alternative for treating erectile dysfunction. Many men cannot use Viagra. This is because Viagra has death-dealing interactions with some other commonly used drugs that many men must take (for example, for various heart diseases). For these men, a little pin prick (no pun intended) is a small price to pay for the satisfactions flowing (no pun intended) for themselves and hopefully also their partners from having an erection.

Also, vip is a naturally occurring substance. It is not some concoction like Viagra that the human body was never involved with until some chemist made it up. A guy who is into organic foods or other things and does not want to contaminate his body with foreign chemicals, or whose partner has these attitudes, might well prefer to use the natural vip.

I'm not aware, though, that vegetarians would prefer vip even if they or their partners could use Viagra.

There have been other drugs besides Viagra and vip used to induce erections. All of these that came along before Viagra required injection like vip does. These others have very serious side-effects that make them unacceptable now that Viagra and vip are (or soon will be) available. These others, like Viagra, also do not occur naturally in human beings.


Whether into organic food or not, everyone having sex, whether alone or with others, is exposed to endogenously produced vip during the process. This includes all males and all females whether or not they are using Viagra. (Females too may and sometimes, to some advantage, do use it. It induces clitoral erections.)

Contrary to most dictionaries, written by people with no inclination to know about or understand science, vip does not mean "very important person." Although one might hope that it implies that when it is especially active.

Vip is a 28-amino acid peptide neurotransmitter, is involved in several physiological processes, including blood pressure control and those associated with sexual activity.

Injection of vip into a female, any place on her body, induces vaginal lubrication. Patent applications have been filed to patent use of vip therapeutically for this purpose by females who for one reason or another fail to have sufficient vaginal lubrication during sex.

Finally, the warm feeling and sweating that people experience in association with "being on the edge" and, in some cases, going over into the great orgasmic abyss, are associated with the release of massive amounts of vip. So is the heavenly exhaustion that follows those highs (especially in the abyss). The vip causes relaxation of blood vessels throughout the body, including those near the skin surface. The relaxation of the vessels causes a drop in blood pressure, which leads to sweating and, in short order, exhaustion. The relaxation of the vessels near the skin surface causes the warm feeling.


So was it a typo? Did she really mean vip instead of vi?

Or did she intend that "vi" mean "very intimate," so very much so that there would be such an explosion of endogenous vip release that any erectile dysfunction would be overcome?

To me it remains a mystery. I am puzzled, but do think that with her smarts she must have deep down (no pun intended).


Regardless, the lesson, if there be one, is that vip is available, even if you don't have any reason to take it, and in any case works best if you just let vi take over, just let things rip.

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