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Strideo Why? Why even create this blathe if you don't have anything to say? (_)
meow why don't you learn how to do a real backflip, why don't you live the computer game instead ?
break dance
Lemon_Soda ...has bigger conferances for new product than the International Chamber of Shopping Centers.

That makes Video game money(programs that SIMULATE different places and experiences) worth more than actually going or doing the same thing in real life AND it breaks several rules 1) It CREATES more land and 2) Its legal to hack someone down just because you feel like it and NOBODY CARES(atleast, not enough to stop it).
fuffle money ? what's money ?

go on holiday then - what kind of language do you speak ?

video games are or people that "want" so they pretend instead,
some people sit and watch TV,
some people sit and watch films,
wishing and wanting,
why do you want something when you were alraedy born ?

the only thing i want is for people to open their hearts and stop wanting what they think they want,

if you are wanting to find enlightenment realise that you can't reach in on your own,

it is a flow, a oneness connected to every creature and flower.

I am not enlightened either, not if people are killing each other, i'm wanting something, i'm wanting people to stop doing that.

it's fine to want to have fun and enjoy our own creativity - is it not ?

so whay are people trying so hard ?
mr song shoot? cut? stab? crash cars? pollute? tackle? break? kick? punch? destroy? disembowel? get real!

why can't they just create a game about my life where you can explore nature, work some magick, hug some trees while you're at it, plant some organic veggies, open circles on a sabbat, send dragons out as messengers and predict anything, create your own damn story, sell tee shirts at faery fests, read tarot,

to everyone in the vid game industry park your range rover in a no th er territory. you love to influence street crime and harm, but you wont make a video game about me, this is sad.
Akashari good idea mr song. their blowing money on graphics that contain blood and gore shit. i'm from baltimore so i hear enough of this shit on the news 070608
what's it to you?
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