lunatic mixed up codeine pills of chance
a second dance
a rainbow stance
milky shadows sweet abyss
a kiss, your kiss. my kiss.
daxle I woke up, and I did not feel right. I needed to lay back down, but had to go to school (this was in hs, where I had to wake up at 5:30, and usually only slept about 3 hours a night). So I went to take a shower and an indicative sound slowly took over my ears- this weird hissing/ringing sound that always comes before my vision fades to black. Next thing I knew I was collapsed in the bath tub, my skin cold and prickly on the outside, but flaming from the inside. My diaphragm muscle won't let me get enough air because my muscles have given up. I layed there for what felt like forever and finally made it across the hall to my room. only to collapse again in the doorway. Eventually my mom got to me and asked what was wrong. And when I was more intact she asked me what I thought had caused it. There was so much she never knew. There was so much she'll never know. But she made it this way. 001020
Barrett Oooooh, Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, Marijuana, Extascy, and Alcohol.

("Feel good hit of the summer"
amy oh, wow. do people 'do' vicodin? i have a ton of it! didn't seem very fun, though...

no kisses in kanada.
should have stayed up later.
scaredy me.
ah, well.
marjorie drug induced sleeps are the nicest kind.
lets go of your body
lets go of your mind.
and lets you rhyme
yoink i thought i was allergic because it made me feel sick.
then my mommy told me i had it on an empty stomach and that was a no no

now i ate taco meat and had two vicodins for the pain

i like it. crazy float feeling crazy silly sillly siilllly
daxle I had a reoccurence of my story a couple of days ago. Stupid me. 010728
yoink i took one
then i took two

then i found myself taking three

i'm about to go downstairs...
mr007 i feel so good
I never wished I could
vicodin has miss-spelled
my feelings into a blodder I
think I should go but I tell
myself dont bother
devalis I had to take this when I got my wisdom teeth removed. Didn't work. I guess I have a high tolerance or something. My mom gave me whiskey because I was in so much pain. That put me right to sleep. Think she was trying to kill me? 020820
god 030716
endless desire i had to have some when i got my wisdom_teeth out. and i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it. i never want to use it again in my life. so very numb and worse than depression. i hate it i hate it i hate it. it made me feel so sick too. i just don't do well on mind altering drugs i suppose. damnit 040112
nomatter pulled a muscle in my back
spent four hours in the ER
got fifteen vicodin.
I got stoned and would take multiple pills.
I was addicted to the unexplainable feeling of it all.
unhinged mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i'm sure my pupils look like plates right now
no ne took a minute to say thet vicodin is a poverfull pill! 050908
endless desire a couple each day. it gets me through. damn all this pain. 051006
unhinged i stole his prescription out of the cupboard
it's almost gone now
i save them for 'just in case'
Ouroboros little_white_pill 090928
Jurisprudence I remember the high, the fog and the damned itchiness
I remember trading them for Valiums
Or others
I remember being a lot like you until I met someone I wanted to live for
I admit it hurts that I'm not anyone you want to live badly enough for
unhinged blather_synchronicity

i was talking with my brother last week about moving back home and those hellish months when i dropped out of grad_school , those hellish years when i lived in youngstown came back to me. there is a reason why i don't live in ohio anymore. there is a reason why a lot of us don't live in ohio anymore.

and even as i type, my boys ivet in my headphones
what's it to you?
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