Mahayana *hugs*
its ok to cry, and to feel the feel. i realize you are so scared right now, but you can do it-you can make it through these times/these experiences i believe in you- i really do. & the nothingness, the emptiness, and the loneliness wont always be there- stay just stay until it fades. for things & situations [will] get better down the path.

you [can] do anything you want to... even if you cry from time to time even if you are so scared ... [so scared]... and so alone... you have you and thats alot of beauty in your life... [please] try to remember that when things seem as they are now

tonight before i fall asleep apart of you will be with me in my well wishings & perhaps you wont feel as alone perhaps you still will however i will offer you apart of myself & my good thoughts when im thinking of you & when i am laying down and saying my thanks and appreciations for the night. tonight i will for at the very least be very thankful that you are here & still expressing yourself
Mahayana such a beautiful person, whom has given so many sincere [holdings & rockings] here on blather, that they themselves now deserve those same actions of compassion & care ... a thousandfold

i truly wish that you shall receive all you have given out into this world everytime you feel yourself falling ... and going further from that inner peace you so deserve

you hang in there you brilliant moonshine for the world really needs a soft, gentle... person like you
velvet spasm thanks for the mammaries 020621
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