zavyman Ah velcro
Inspired from burrs
Magical joiner
With hooks so small
Each one adding
A bit of force
Until it becomes virtual glue

Each little aspect I see in you
Appreciate in you
Draws me a little bit closer to you
Tighter, if you will
And although entropy should take us down
We still manage to stick together
Though the distance between us
May span the world
We are still close at heart
We still share one mind
sunshine i have declared a daynationalvelcroday. it is rather unfortunate that i cannot remember what day it was. velcro is fascinating. 010414
gillybean velcro makes me smile. They say small wonders amuse small minds. It's true. 040305
hsg small wonders amuse minds w Great imagination!

if we were all velcro from head to toe D world would B a much btr place. boxers would not hit each other more than once. thered b peace. pehaps not quiet. maybe a lot of FFWWOOOSSSHHHing. or whatever sound_velcro_makes.

inDustrial strength Hook & Loop tape is phenomenal!

ive always wanted 2 stick 2 a wall. a ceiling.
stephshine i'd rather tie something tightly than rely on velcro anyday. 070212
jennifer the new non best friend of xerox 080615
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