love & hate I see her through the window. I stand there as i have for the past week, staring at her once the sun goes down. Tonight she is home late after work. I stand at her window and watch her change out of her work uniform, ready for bed. As she unbuttons her trousers, then unzip's the zip. She slowly slides them down her thighs as she has done every other night, then they lay on the ground at her feet. She reaches for the shirt she has on and lifts it up over her head and throws it on the pile in the corner of the room. There she is, standing there in only her underwear. My breathing becomes heavier as i watch her just standing there, almost naked brushing her hair. I can almost smell her from where i stand. She walks over and checks her mobile phone to see if anyone has messaged her since she got home. No one, so she walks casually over to her cupboard and pulls out a clean shirt. She undoes her bra with her hands reaching behind her back. Still, she faces away from me so i cant see her full beauty just yet. She puts the shirt over head and turns around. It is almost as though she is staring at me, out through her window. She walks over to her bed. Reaches for the covers and slides underneath. I stand there watching as my breath is still heavier again. There she is, lying helpless in her bed, right in front of me. She reaches for the light and switches it off. The darkness now surrounds her, as it does every night when i come for her. The room is pitch black with only a hint of light coming from the crescent moon above. I can see her lying there, her body as the sheets fold over to hug her. 040501
love & hate to be continued... 040501
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