typhoid a lost_snake under the bedsheets
peach coloured rose blooming
unhinged and now i'm pulled back in
pushed away
i tryed to push you away
paths diverged
i have a way of holding on
give me a shred
but i know
if i went back now it wouldn't be the same
it couldn't be the same
and i'm pulled back in
but i won't do anything about it
a year is a lot of time between us
things were lined up just right then
fate smiled on us
but she's fickle fate
i run to you
push away
knowing that it could never be the same
lost in my head I have a question, what the hell does vacillate really mean? I don't have a dictionary near by so I have no way of looking it up. Well except the internet but honestly I don't feel like doing that. So whay does it mean? 050329
unhinged to sway back and forth between two points of action, two decisions, almost randomly or impulsively 050330
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