Syrope i was informed today that mine points towards the base of my spine, instead of my belly button. isn't that great? it sure cleared up a lot of stuff for me...it's the oddest thing i've learned about myself in a long time. 020610
freakizh so you menstruate to your belly?
carlita my friend's uterus also points toward her back. she just got pregnant, and when they went to hear the heartbeat, they couldn't find it. i guess it was because of her weird uterus... (i'm not saying your uterus is weird, of course) 030708
tabers prolapse 040927
Syrope haha

nah, it's kinda grown on me. well i mean, in me for 20 years, just on me in the past few.

it's all about puzzle pieces. sometimes its hard.
nineteen Its pushing my diaphragm up. Consequently, my lungs have less room to expand.
I have about 5 mini panic attacks every night before I am able to sleep. The idea of not being able to get enough oxygen in a breath terrifies me.
LS Take gong fu and ask to specialize in breathing techniques. 060708
flowerock indecisive_uterus

my "pms" lasts weeks. it seems like there is one week out of the month that I don't feel its effects. I ised to menstruate two or three times a month, or not at all sometimes... now it's once a month that I actually bleed but this month it "spots" here and there and I have been from angry and irritated to weepy and just sad to overal over emotional... elated and devastated, laughing fo no known reason the crying... elderly coupes holding hands make me cry, the little girl who helped her little brither hold his ice cream cone, the way the kids readily and happily took their parents hands to cross the road... so muchh chocolate... I have started to share my chocolate I feel so guilty about it... "would you like some chocate?" please have some with me so i m not alone in my chocolate gluttony!!! is what I mean by that... tonight I can t sleep, another "symptom" and I ate three meals for dinner... and and and... I think it's close, but damn. I take vitex, it has helped a lot but still rebalancig I guess... exhausting. and how does all that food fit in my tummy? cooking = dangerous when its for my uterus.
meatboy uterus. me terus.
very neat erus.
home of homes,
warm and tight.
at first was loose.
always right.

ally ally in come free!
it's a new dawn!
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