andru235 why does alt-3 sometimes make a heart, and sometimes just a mess (óż) ?

i tested all the alt-keys on:

because it seemed like sometimes i was getting different results, but there must be some reason for this, stupidity being perhaps among them.

similar thing with the club (alt-5) and some others...

i warn you in advance: telling me the answer will result in HEARTS ALL OVER THE PLACE. consider yourselves warned. nevertheless i'd really like to know.

on the other hand, if i am busy making hearts all over the place, i won't be as likely to blathe long-windedly about things like is_psychology_psycho or unintelligent_design or the_dark_cave.

note that i said "won't be as likely". that's not a promise. even i as i type this i am thinking about something sure to get the goat of many blatherers...something such as,



or maybe even

please, help me. help me help you. help me help you help me. help me help you help me help you. let's enjoy some orange juice, RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

...óż (argh)
u24 different font in add blathe box, so different character displayed. i think. 051019
andru235 but...but...

user24, check out alt_keys_that_show_up_once_blathed.

a heart showed up there, just like alt-3 in the box. yet when i tried it elsewhere, i keep getting three-quarters of a cent, or other gibberish - not that there's anything wrong with gibberish. oh, how i do adore it, gibberish, especially after eating walnuts.

but user24, this is NOT the time to discuss walnuts. seriously, can't it wait?

oh, alright. walnuts it is. let's chat about them. walnuts are delicious, especially in chocolate chip cookies. and brownies. or in certain curried pasta dishes.
tombe_seul i am not a fan of walnuts 051020
andru235 excellent! you can give yours all to me. thanks! 051021
. óż 051022
andru235 is...is that a heart, in disguise? oh, mi amor!

or wait. is that 3/4 cup of walnuts? whatever do you mean?
meta meta 051214
what's it to you?
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