silentbob I used to watch Singled Out on mtv, because it was funny, and jenny mccarthey wasn't annoying when you put the tv on MUTE. however, my parents would furrow their brows and say, "Why are you watching a show on dating? You don't even go out...." and "Don't you think its time you start dating?" As well as, "You're sitting at home alone on a friday night watching a dating game."

this would just make me sad. i wasn't gay...i was just unpopular.
yummyC my parents are afraid of me dating.

they think i'm a whore maybe.
lost i choose to be unpopular. i dont like any of the popular people at my skool. i could be alot more popular than i am but my friends are my friends they always have my back and i lovem for it. 011015
god the tango isn't a very popular dance anymore. 011015
Norm unpopular whore
popular whore

really they're one in the same person

"well I guess I'll call you some time, what's your name again? "
SuicidalAngel Popular is just a word. I have friends that are popular and friends that aren't. I'm just in the middle, which is where I choose to be. It seems that all the "popular" friends that I have, have told me that they wish they werent in the position they are in. They hate thier friends and are only friends with them for status. The friends that are "unpopular" or whatever are happy and dont care what others have to say. I just find it weird that people care so much. The only thing that I can find that makes them popular is money. They have money to buy thier nice clothes and friends. I think it'll be weird at my birthday party this year to see all these people together and I dont care, and they all know I dont care, I like it that way. 011104
psychobabe eh, i really dislike that word. "popular" Its so judgmental. I mean if you think about it, we are ALL judgmental in our own ways. As much as we wanna admit we arent we are. IT just comes back and hits us in the face. Its more like, i'm not saying we judge. I'm not saying we dont. But mainly we do. So many of us are hypocritical we dont realize it when we should :s....
I look around and see alot of it, if some people would take the time they would see it to. I usually keep it to myself tho cuz i'll get shit for saying it.

"why do you say were hypocritical?"

"thats fucking bullshit!"

"who the hell are you to tell me what i am?"

alot of the things people can say really hurt you know. I can state my mind if i like, its a fucking free right of mine. By haveing people judge me and me saying i dont judge anyone is pure hypocritical bullshit. It is just look at it sometime. I'm not trying to put anyone down on this tho nor myself. I've just wanted to state my opinion for sooooooooo long...i just havent found anyone who wants to listen tho. Which is a really sad kinda thing to think about. If someone says they dont judge, fine, best of power to ya. But if someone has the guts to go up to me, up to ANYONE and say "i judge people and they judge me. I can accept that" then i will trust and believe in you for it. You might as well be strait forward with yourself before you do it to anyone else
no use for a name i hate when people say...oh so and so is part of the popular group...and im like who? if they're so popular then how come i dont know about them? is there an alternate universe going on at my school? being popular to me means that they are friends with everybody and all the different groups and not just one group. and they always think that they are better than everybody else because they're rich, or beautiful...but in reality they are no better than anybody else. they are just shallow jerks and to me that makes them worse than anybody. if you want to take my advice....date the nerds. they're that ones that are going to grow up to be RICH!!!! :p 021225
scuzz I am not a victim of high school. I will not become dependent on the acceptence, which is only really a neutral feeling toward my existence, just to feel wanted. My family life is the root. My mom is retarded; aren't they all? I accept that. I accept that some people don't like me, even though Elizabeth just started talking to me. I admit and accept that her acknowledgement of me sends that chill down my spine, like I just made an important friend. It's nothing. She's not going anywhere.
I see (accept?) that everyone in every group is just as likely to commit suicide. The statistics count among everyone. I know life gets hard, and the cold shoulder of your math partner doesn't help your day. I've learned to get over it. I don't spend much time dwelling on the countless psychological aspects of this need for acceptence hovering over todays' schools, but I know what I'm talking about. I've been on both sides of the spectrum.
Don't lose yourself. No one is worth going out of your way and morals to please. No one.
You might be, or at least have been that depressed kid waiting at lunch out in the rain for the pulse of the bell to save you to your next period. That will never end unless you make it. I know people that have made that choice. The word unpopular or moreso popular shake people; people constantly fighting to maintain that status or reach it. I've been there. It's not worth anything. The smallest rock has divided my own path from the ones my friends have taken. One friend is abused by her father, and reaches out to guys for that satisfaction of 'love.'She drinks because she feels that choices are easier to make, as if the answers aren't her fault. Popularity is not priority. I can't wait to get through high school, because, basically, I'm tired of living among this necessity of society.
me i totally agree with you 021226
kookaburra not all unpopular people are happy.
not all unpopular people like being unpopular.
not all unpopular people have friends that have their back all the time.
some unpopular people dont have friends.
(note the word unpopular)
not all unpopular people grow up to be rich.
(some young nerds grow up to be old nerds)

some popular people are happy.
some popular people are nice people, that have such great personailties that they become popular.
not all popular people have friends just for status.

"fuck generalizations, not everything is black and white"
Strideo how true
what's it to you?
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