shiva this is what she calls herself. it isn't true. but how can i make her see? 011030
kuru I am on a new mission to say nothing that is not positive, and to say nothing to him at all.

Just to see if I can do it. To see if I am really the erratic manic-depressive he says I am, of if it's just he who makes me crazy.
ClairE The way you feel about someone.

I can't keep wanting you the way I did, I can't keep my sanity either.
whoknows i cant keep you. i never wanted to. youre were never my possession and i was never yours. we were good that way. but you thought i wanted more. how could you ever have believed that? i thought you knew me. 011203
.fallen seeing this word caused a lump to catch in my throat ..... my eyes prepared to let the waters flow .... body tensed up .... the shadow of a cringe ... the cringe that changed me forever .... this word paints a monstrous picture for me and yet I can't seem to look away .... shudder .... it let's the difference between alone and lonely get blurry .... such a cruel ... cruel word for inspiring this reaction ... 040227
LS To be keepable, one must be able to keep in return. 050711
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