mqx if anyone has info on the proliferation of said progressiveness, please post.

im in the usa, wondering which countries out there use unisex.
theFish widespread at my college. Specifically placed for students who feel uncomfortable using a gender specific area. Work out nicely for me, shower and toilet right across the hall which would probably be designated women otherwise. I dont know if the same trend holds at other colleges. 061213
androgyne my school has single-stall gender-neutral washrooms in many buildings on campus. Not all, though.. slightly more than half the buildings have one, so it's pretty good.
They also exist specifically because queer/trans people need them

the trans activist group I'm with was actually talking about it yesterday.. we were considering wandering around and sticking "people" signs to cover the gendered bathroom signs
or trying to pressure the administration to add more gender-neutral washrooms (especially since there are already single-stall disabled washrooms in some buildings which could just be relabelled)

they're mostly clean, large, and well-maintained, from my experience.
good for avoiding gender conflicts

but there definitely aren't multi-person unisex restrooms (though I think that'd be awesome; I'd totally use them).. I hear tales that there are some in some places in the gay village, but...
nom they removed the blue-people-signs from the two washrooms in the little old original mall downtown in my town. progress. 061215
androgyne if and when I reach a point where I feel like I'm invading a womens' space by using the women's washroom and/or feel significantly less comfortable using them than I do now and/or begin to present less ambiguously as masculine, I will probably appreciate the existence of these a lot more than I do now.

is a lucky kid to be able to pick and choose, and is happy that s/he's given options
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