alora Once there were unicorns... 021003
unhinged i always hoped i would find one, pale_beautiful in the moonshine on a deserted isle in the middle of the creek. i looked with all my heart but they never came. i'm still looking for them. magic and purity in the middle of a dark place. i have packed them all away by now though. 021003
~gez~ the last winged unicorn 021004
marjorie i bought three unicorns these past couple weeks. one is pink, one is blue, and one is purple. they are my super herd of unicorns now.
i love them very much.
so sparkly
and soft
Adriana There was a movie or television show that I used to watch on VHS when I was a little girl. I can only remember one scene distinctly, but it was about a little unicorn (maybe more). In the scene I remember, the unicorn flies/jumps around on top of cylindrical vats of various kinds of liquid. He touches each one with his hoof (I think they freeze over or produce other kinds of effects when he does this) all in an effort to save somebody who has been captured.

This image, and this cartoon, have haunted me for years.
Unicorn pure 040927
Risen One afternoon, many years ago, I sat in a deck chair drinking tea and describing her to a friend. Her blunt response was "Dude, that's not a woman, that's a unicorn!"

It's stuck with me ever since. The idea that I accidentally stumbled across something rare and mythical and mysterious and beautiful, and was far too much of a coward to even notice, let alone act appropriately.

I stick by my choices.

I'd rather be alone and know what a unicorn looks like than spend the rest of my life with a rhino. I won't settle, and I think that's a sign of growth.
unhinged (i am also tired of settling; some say that makes me petulant and unwilling to compromise. i'm not a fan of safe space rhetoric but isn't expecting someone else to conform to your wants and expectations a microaggression? isn't making a list of traits you expect your partner to have and abandoning people when they don't match your list uncompromising? i resist commodification in everything but especially in ME. i am not a thing created for someone else's benefit.

i have spent my life hiding who i really am from the people around me. i would rather be a lonely flashlight beacon of my own unique weirdness than being a married housewife in the suburbs of ohio or wisconsin


the heart_pang of being alone still overtakes me sometimes)
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