dosquatch I unhurt myself today
There's nothing left to feel
I give away my pain
There's nothing left that's real

There's no more holes to tear
My soul has been laid bare
All I was is now untrue
And I unremember you

apologizes to NIN
anti kate i wish i could unhurt myself. the bruise on my arm looks like my boyfriend beat me, not like i got drunk and almost fell from the post that held me up. i wish i could unhurt myself undance all those dances. maybe then my thighs would stop screaming, and the bruises up and down my legs would be gone. i did manage to undrink the beer, but i think it was too late i was already too far gone. 070917
Ouroboros it's weird to look at a photo of him that I took, to stare at his face, to remember what his lips felt like on mine, and to feel no hurt or pain or regret. unhurt and unscathed. goodbye intact. 070918
hsg ? so what_now 091228
z see: unslap 091228
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