silentbob girls do it to me every time.

she didn't break my heart.

i did.
misstree it's me
that set up these blades
to drag my flesh against.

it's me
that bleeds in your name,
that won't let you go
no matter how far
you run.

it's me
that thought that forever
meant more than it did,
even when forever
was never an option.

it's me
that needs to let go

but i don't wanna.
kx21 mania, mania, and mania!!! 010102
misstree i built a machine...
stupidpunkgirl boys do it for me bobby...
but i think you already know that
silentbob plural? 010103
stupidpunkgirl one in particular right now.
one in the past.
and i can tell one will be in the future.
silentbob tell all you stupidpunkgirl!!!!

you can just write me if you want to tell me namez and storiez and situationz
twiggie blues_clues
stupidpunkgirl i'll see....bobby
did you see i wrote something for you
NinNy Nu Nu she's one o dose you know,
things what ya gunna do about it then?
be a nutter.
or do somik abou it.
maybe your a weirdo,
ony kindin'
hope it all works out o.k.
who ever she is.
nochoice when he's around,
he voids my
when he has to go
it takes his place.

thats whwn i hate me most
NinNy Nu Nu BinG, SplAt.
beg me pardon butt
arn't me talkin' about....
male to female maddess?
or am I totally thick.
BinG, SplAt.
over to you bobby BOY.
not all there Some people say it's an unhealthy obsession, but i think all monkeys enjoy the occasional lap dance! 010516
blindforyou why does my obsession make me feel so wrong?
isn't it easier to do something that
keeps you going
makes you happy
hell, lets you explore?
no, not for me
i only choose complicated things
things that will ultimately
kill me
in a very unpleasant fashion
yummyC my life before.
I'm happy now
except for when I occassionally fuck up someones day (yesterday).
But its ok
I'm not obsessed with anything
but me
which is still wrong but i do it anyway.
self absorbed
what if he hates me
what if they hate me
they hate me
everybody hates me
its my fault
what a loser
i hate me
i'm not obsessednotobsessednotobsessed
I am obsessed
confabulation yours is not as bad as mine
can't get that guy off my mind
its not romantic,
it isn't sane
its not my place to complain
Cus I control this
urge I feel
but he will always have to deal
with my intense affection.
he takes control of my mind
section by section.
hes all i see
hes all i want
the thoughts of him begin to haunt
the two of us
we aren't right
i like him so much
I'd pick a fight.
I'm not playing with you
although it may seem untrue.
I'm trying to keep you safe from me
why can't i simply let you be?
sorry, i tried
but I can't make it stop
sorry, I lied
but i have to.
its an unhealthy obsession
josie for me is an attempt to put my finger of the see: truth. 011102
josie for me is an attempt to put my finger on the truth. See: truth. 011102
carne de metal putting my finger into other people's noses and ears 020208
SunShamer masturbation 020208
Adriana snood

mint n' creme oreos
my name it means nothing he's not healthy for himself
and that part of him would not be healthy for me

and yet it's becoming an obsession of mine that one day the obsession could be mutual.
I sort of want someone to be unhealthy with. I, right now and always, am too healthy.
what's it to you?
who go