notme so unfun 040209
Piso Mojado these days of self-hatred are exhausting. draining. 040212
a thimble in time I deal with self-hatred by employing a Hasidic thought.

Flaws and failures are meant to be overcome. Their purpose is to elevate the soul. Inherit to every spiritual descent is the far greater opportunity of spiritual ascent.

The person who truly loves himself will always despise his weaknesses, but it is this unwillingness to accept the status-quo which drives this person toward ever-greater self-perfection.
Piso Mojado sometimes this person gets caught up in (gets stuck on)those challenges. but then she has a soul-recharging after playing with a beautiful 1 1/2 year old girl, and she remembers that it's all ok! everything will work out, the darkness (one might call it) will pass. 040218
mon mmhmm :) 040219
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