dondeestanlosjaguares shadows which sometimes don't exist, and the certain things that I no longer can feel, there are some times when i don't want anything to do with anybody but I just want to get away. The fumes from the radiance of people seem to intoxicate me and poison me. I cannot handle it and I crumble before their very own power. I have no choice but to lay there, and hope I don't get trampled over in their wake. I no longer know what to do when the only choice I have is not an option.

Disappearing and withering away, what difference does it make if my absence is unmarked, if my disappearance is missed, and nobody seems to care. The challenges that are sometimes placed in front of you are never really there, just something that your eyes do, when they are being used as a tool by your own brain. These unforeseen challenges are just supposed to be taken care of internally, since nobody else will really be able to see them, since they are never really there. . .
three words this_time_next_year unforeseen theme_of_life 050114
phil the things we only
know the way to get
their consequence
is unforeseen
hide these bad feelings
deep inside
use them someday
before you are to guilty
to face your plans
I wish watermelons
will spill out
when I open the door
I'd laugh out loud
about that
what's it to you?
who go