let me know I wonder how intimately these people know and care for the earth. I hope they have their own shamans. I hope it's not just about money and greed. I have not_enough_information to pass_judgement. 150201
epitome of incomprehensibility There's an "underground city" in Montreal - not as exciting as I thought it'd be, when I heard the phrase as a kid.

Basically, you can walk between a handful of downtown metro stops without either taking the metro or going outside, through a network of connected buildings. It's not underground all the way - in some places "inside" rather than "underground" would be more accurate.

The shortcut, ease-of-access aspect I like, but a lot of the time the tunnels go through shopping centres, yeah, you do get an overdose of commercialism.

Last time I took the "underground city" from Bonaventure to McGill, I was delighted at finding two (count 'em, TWO!) free tea samples, but after I drank them I realized I was killing a tiny piece of environment, what with the disposable cups.

On some literal and metaphorical levels, Mtl. is "green" - the 13th floor of a Concordia building houses a greenhouse - but certainly not all levels, aboveground or under... and probably you were talking about something completely different, so don't mind me if I miss the mark like a drunk archer.
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