lovers lament scars that rise pink to the surface
i am strong, aware
still chained to these reminders
content to tear my skin away
reveal the veins
arteries, life inside me
running through me
just a little proof,
all i need
to make it through another day
and prove that i'm alright
to everyone who stumbles over
my stripes and my pain
and into my dry ache
enough to fill you full of
wet my lips
take a breath
and tell you i'm okay
snakeyes i am sinking
what have i done?
let me go
i am tied
i cannot move
i cannot resist
i am sinking
deeper & deeper
i can still see u
can u see me?
what have i done?
Destination? Tied back
velvet chains
in your plan
does not eleviate the pain
set in stone
four cycles
we must go
words spoken blank
taped within our soul
nailed up
designed to fall
set me free
you taught me fine
until i leave
these walls that bind
hold me back
metal blood
i reach inside
nothing is done
i am tied back
dreary Unchain me from this broken heart
rip me away from this barracade
i cant stand your sense of humor anymore
and if you slap me in the face
one more fucking time
you're going to be wearing your
fork like braces
Alexander Beetle come on damn it i said i was sorry 010501
unhinged i'm in this cage anyways
i would say
that the chains are excessive
and unnecessary
User24 I agree with nocturnal, I mean, lets face it, we're gonna die in here, so why bother handcuffing us? 010705
suicidalchinadoll unchain me free 041024
what's it to you?
who go