andrea she's slowly fading away
deteriorating under the dark cloud
that is brewing above her head
and raining on her heart
someone, please hand her an umbrella
Scorched GanderSnout Just as there is something particularly cheery about the blue sky umbrellas they sell at the MoMA, is there not something equally morbid about the green grass umbrellas they also sell?
If the former implies walking under a clear sky does not the latter imply being underground?
nameless ooooh I love that word! 000204
nameless I once saw a man going with an umbrella while it was sunny outside (no, it wasn't a parasol, I'm sure) 000204
lotusflower they double as parasols in the summer for little old ladies. 000229
Miner I feel that the umbrella in the song 'singing in the rain' is rather misused; the complete disregard for the umbrellas function in life is amazingly thoughtless. If they are going to force that annoying song on us, they could of at least respected the rights and privileges of the umbrella who stared in that scene. 010501
the police--- It's a big enough umbrella
But it's always me that ends up getting wet
zenfishsticks my friend has the best umbrella in the world: plain black on the outside, like every boring british umbrella held by an army of men in suitcoats.

but when opened, the inside reveals a blue sky with puffy white clouds.

she's my sunshine.
thea zenfishsticks, that sounds wonderful. i almost stole an umbrella when i was young[er than i am now]. umbrellas reminds me of death.
i didn't used to like them because i like rain. but i do now. i wish the endless were real. the idea of them gives me such security about everything.
xyz there is so very little point in living if you've got one of these. 031228
andru235 la umbrel est
un palab bra
et ecce homme
c'est un sirocco

like a molto freunde
casi un voltage amicabile
la unidad auf zweisitzer
the romanza jubiliante
nom i don't know where my umbrella went 070207
rhin I shall carry my umbrella
upside down today
to catch my tears,
so that i can place them
into a jar and keep them.

- just too fucking sentimental i guess.
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