User24 are pretty funky. 030531
eyedream I smell the Korova. 030612
/anon some of the old ultraviolence 030701
The Spork has come to read the meter 030701
eyedream is singing in the rain 030702
not important strangly appealing 030707
misstee o, what i wouldn't give for a proper dose.
my blood is sining piano wires and
seething scarlet tenses
right between the shoulderblades.
there has to be some way out of
this empty expectant snarltwitch,
some valve or cork or place to pierce
so rank and bitter innards will spill out
and leave room for anything_but_this.
zeke i viddy it 040205
birdmad makes me think of Apoptygma Berzerk "Non Stop Violence" when it doesn't make me think of A_Clockwork_Orange 040205
misstree haunted by flashes of mayhem.
calm, apathetic, bored, ennui, grinding grey,
and sudden as red flash of a headbutt,
my hand's stillness is finest thread
between now and the stink of charring flesh,
visions of lit cigarettes and flesh and
not even teaching a lesson,
some dogs are too dumb,
disrupts careful calm.

damn this rage. i have better things to do with my energies, but it is the song that will never leave my head. it is the haunting laughter that is my birthright.
her royal highness the quirk is she ultraviolent, is she disturbed?

three words ultraviolence last_words_of_ninja 'anyone_but_you' 050331
sab such a pretty colour 050331
parallel university school of thought 1. see macNtosh, element of Apple Computer parallel
2. another inventor of quirky sinusoidal wave functions i.e. band
3. pun in and of itself
)spectrum analysis complete(
u24 why are you alone? 080526
z nadsat 110225
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 110228
what's it to you?
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