u24 tech, non tech and random projects
numbers relate to coolness/complexity,
i.e. 9.9 is very cool and very complex, 0.5 is not cool at all, but is fairly complex, etc.
ratings are approximate.

9.2(4.5) blathercards
8.2(4.0) blathertools and GM scripts
8.5(1.6) GPL PHP AJAX del.icio.us
5.3(1.6) learn french
9.6(1.5) httpauth bruteforcer (via proxies)
6.5(1.2) blight improvements
8.6(1.3) learn tcpip
9.8(1.1) learn nmap
9.8(1.1) https ssl tunnel
9.9(1.0) 3d forum
4.4(1.0) university IT stuff
8.9(0.8) university Philosophy stuff
7.8(0.8) freecap1.5
5.6(0.8) vb stuff (eg blather systray app)
4.5(0.8) puremango stuff
6.8(0.7) psion program to lookup e-numbers
2.4(0.5) thetibetsite.com (work)
3.7(0.4) ajax mysql service

likelihood of me finishing something can be approximated by dividing the coolness by the complexity - the higher the result, the more likely I'll actually do it. (generally speaking)
to save me and you the effort, I've put the results in brackets

hmm.. have i just invented a way to prioritise my life? wow. having now sorted by likelihood, i think I have.
u24 notable exceptions being the uni and work stuff, as i really have no choice in those cases.

3d forum and del.icio.us will be the next big projects for me.
u24 things_in_books has been a big project for mine for ages, and it's nearly done now! woo! 080721
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