jennifer she's away now
and I'm furiously writing what I guess would be defined as my memoirs
and using old words and new
and I was reminded of "hints" (second entry) and "typing"
I read and re-read them and started to cry
I have a tendency to royally screw things up
but this time
I really wish I had a chance at forgiveness
I was happy for a while in my life
though had to keep it secret from deb at times
I was really happy
without mark
happy with
I'm glad we are friends
but perhaps
something more?
Silent Bob I always interpret things the wrong way. I do, they tell me things like I'm sweet, and that I'd make a good dad. so I automatically think..."Oooh! she must like me!"
so when alicia told me via email "You are different...and i like things that are different" i went with my instinct and told myself that shes just being nice, she doesnt really LIKE me!

oh how wrong i was
the invisible idiot lucky bastard 000606
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