kx21 Fairy_Tale of Apple & Orange... 040412
... Bending reality 040412
sab twisting and turning and racing around
a forrest of blue words
twisting and turning and racing around
a fertile feild of green ideas
twisting and turning and racing around
a rainbow coloured filofax of random thoughts
twisting and turning and racing around
the glorious devil_wind that is
the net

i love it.

as soon as they figure out which god holds juristiction over this particular ever-expanding omni-universe of knowledge and lies
that god is going to have at least one partiucually enthusastic convert

and i shall sacrifice as many redheads
and deadheads
as i can find to it.

erm, symbolically,
i swear..
... OOps...

Bush Administration welcomes

UN's Caretaker_government plan for Apple...
pete the lights are dim, the fire burns dully in its place. above it the pastel picture, framed and matted, of that dark forest gleams over us and takes us away at a glance. we sit on, over, and beside eachother and the simple couch, curled up and comfortable. the wine bottle still sits unopened on the table with the popcorn and bowl full of smarties. our eyes lock each time they meet, lingering a little longer each time. 'would you like to go dance in the snow' i say in one of those moment. you smile and break eye contact too look out the frosted window at the gently falling snow, flittering its way through the street lights. 'yes' you whisper. our hands find eachother, squeezing tight. we don't move from our nest, both expecting the other to get up first, niether wanting to end this sitting arrangement. our eyes meet again. smiles flash across our faces, and then light up again. you open your mouth as to speak, but close again so gently, so softly. we linger in silence a moment more. my mind races, wondering if you will twist and turn away, or if you will meet my lips if i lean forward for a kiss. i swallow my fears, my doubts, realizing our state of entwinement and lean forward, meeting with your beautiful lips. the part in sweet sorrow. our eyes open, smile to eachother complimenting the grins on our faces, and we kiss again opening our mouths inviting eachother's tongues in. they meet and dance; the kiss lingers and becomes passionate. our embrace becomes tighter as my lips trail off yours to flutter butterfly kisses against your neck. you twist and turn in into my attentions, losing your fingers in my brown curls... 040416
kx21 ***
* The_Limit_of_Possibilities

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