nanny the male reproductive organ as called by my sister, my brother and i until we were in middle school 011110
morganicpunkjoshRM Another thing that is a twinky is a prep(with are evil) 030608
poopsmith ummm I thought a twinky was a industrial pastry like thing that could survive a nuclear holocaust.

And it's filled with creamy white filling. The most delicious modern chemistry can make.
misstree a friend's mom once wanted to make a novelty belt out of twinkies (y'know, they go straight to the hips anyway, ha ha ha)... she shellacked one, then went to sleep... went out to the garage to see if it needed a second coat... consistency hadn't changed... so she shellacked again... let it dry... still all appearance of being a normal twinkie... she put a total of five coats on it to no effect...

other interesting twinkie fact, they have to shelve them for six months before releasing them for sale, because they are toxic for the first six months of their lives.
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