Doar before you catch something contagious. 050713
andru235 that was very thought provoking, doar 051109
Death of a Rose are you poking fun at me?

you know that fun doesn't like to be poked. especially in my direction.

be prepared for harrassment lawsuits to follow!

andru235 as you probably have noted, i am really only capable of featherlite whimsicality or falling-anvil seriousness. i was provoked into seriousness. however, on second reading, i found myself provoked into lightness. i'm quite befuddled - what sort of atmosphere surrounds your quip? is the contagion literal, or figurative?

it's like, if you are in love with a leper, who is putting the moves on you. resist for physical health? or give in, for mental health?
Death of a Rose hmmm...in all seriousness...i forgot to say thanks for your initial comment...and as you probably already know....my response was light hearted...but then again....so is yours.....i do feel a bit guilty about those nanoseconds though. Please forgive me. 051111
andru235 ok you need to STOP. i always get turned on when people start apologizing for nanoseconds this and nanoseconds that. i have a serious nanosecond_related_apologies_fetish. please, DOAR, if you must go on as such, take it to turn_me_on. we all know how snippity some blatherskites get when faced with off-topic-blathing!

by the way, do you like rollerskating? cuz if you do, you could probably rollerskate up and down your street a few times, if you felt like it. *i*, for one, certainly wouldn't stand in your way.
rage i think i need to take up yoga 051113
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