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in a silent way started one of these and then deleted it the next day. somehow it didn't feel right. not archaic enough, maybe. or too much to get lost in, and not enough desire to get lost in it. i'd rather write letters by hand, but too few people care to do that sort of thing anymore. at best, they'll write a letter, and then scan it and make it a blog post. that's like scanning a piece of your soul and flattening it out on a computer screen. which, of course, has its purpose.

but as for the real, organic article, give it to someone, or set fire to it, or tape it to your forehead. anything. just make it mean something. the slant of your handwriting, and the kind of paper you use, and the words you scribble out tell me more about who you are than any screencap ever will.
what's it to you?
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