misstree what's the worst thing about eating pussy in the morning?

ever tried opening a cold grilled cheese sandwich?
screwing for virginity why dont witches wear underware?

to get a better grip on the broom.
Freak Why did the mexican want to trade his wife for an out house?

The hole was smaller and didn't smell as bad.
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dudeinanigloo 2 gay guys named fred and bob walk into a movie theatre. about 5 minutes after they sit down, fred lets out a loose, but cheek flapping fart. george says "oh fred, you're so silly!" about 10 minutes later, george lets out an even louder, wetter fart. fred says "oh george, you're so silly!" about 5 minutes after that, a big fat guy sitting in front of them lets out a real weak, high-pitched, squeaky fart. then george says:

"oh fred, he's a virgin!"
Jairus why are there no amusment parks in china?

no one is tall enough there.
what's it to you?
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