MollyGoLightly "You ain't no transsexual, honey. You're just a fag with big tits."
--One Jerry Springer guest to another.
freakizh is doing the time warp again transylvania.

see: rhps
F r e a k im just a sweet transvestite from transsexual transilvania! 020602
whome I have a friend who is an FTM transsexual.

Ach, the grammar in that -- 'a FTM' sounds so wrong but seems so right.

And what about those gender-neutral pronouns, eh? Ze is going to hir car. And the Spivak pronouns! They make me very lost. But I guess that's more for genderqueer folks and not so much the straightforward transsexuals. Trannies. Hmm. Haha, I said straight.

Anyone ever see the movie All About My Mother? That was some confusing shit. Transvestites who were transsexual! Drag queens who were just really lame transvestites! I don't know, I was muddled.
. too many labels - too many people wanting to stick labels on people - too many people either wanting or allowing labels to be stuck on them. 060616
superleni one of the sexiest women i've ever met is transexual. 060824
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