Tuffy This is not my only transgression. My lust for table food has driven me to commit many a gluttonous act. There was the time I ate two pounds of raw hamburger meat left to thaw on top of the basement deep freeze. That was wrong. 020918
narpf edith automatic transgression 020918
another Tuffy I have, at times, been too quick to bark, and I have whimpered needlessly. I have gnawed upon things I never should have gnawed. Yes, I have even bitten others in anger. Not often, and only when I felt I had to, but now I see that turning to the tooth never solves anything. 020918
The Original Tuffy In these dozen years, I have experienced misery—the ear infection, my head getting slammed in the car door, the time I walked through that wet tar—but nothing equals the pain I feel when I think of the shameful disobedience I have shown my master. 020919
yoyology i am fascinated by archaic words only used in church liturgies, words like transgression, iniquity, temporal, salutary, meet (meaning "appropriate") and many others 030320
unhinged is the ego at work
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