you are beautiful. i send out my love to you,
oh sweet ones,
i know what it is
to be born in the wrong time,
you know
what it is to be born
in the wrong body.

curves and lines
you wish were elsewhere,
what is external made internal,
or vice versa.
flowerock. I admire transgendered individuals for how well they know themselves. That's how I see them anyway. They know who they are and they are participating fully in themselves.
A friend recently let everyone know that she is a he and plans to transition physically too. It's not surprising I guess because they previously were a masculine lesbian. It is difficult to think of them as male or remember to say he and him instead of her and she. I've always really enjoyed their soft feminine side, but I don't think that necessarily goes away, what I am seeing as soft and feminine is really that they are a gentle and compassionate soul with the singing voice of angel who smokes. I suppose his voice might change... but I bet it will still be soul_catching.
I hope their journey goes well, universe knows it never goes smoothly for him... but it could go well.
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