klarchen Violent rushes of sensations consume me when I think of you.

I give these rushes the title: "torrents".

Overcoming and overwhelming they are, yes.

Though, never unwanted.

Torrents of wonder, when I first layed eyes upon you.
Torrents of admiration, when I observed your fingers grace the keys.
Torrents of humbleness, when you spoke to me.
Torrents of hollowness, when I did not answer.
Torrents of numbness when I forgot of your existence.
Torrents sweet remembrance when your name appeared again.
Torrents of paradise when I realized what you said of me.
Torrents of piercing guilt when I remembered that I did not answer your question.
Torrents of regret when I realize everyday that I miss you.

Torrents of hope when I sense that we will lay young eyes upon eachother again.

And then I will answer your question.

And these torrents will resolve into one torrent of happiness.
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