mad madame mim Cruel

Alors ne me donne pas de respect
Ne me donne pas une pièce de ton precieuse personne (richesse)
Nargue tout ce qu'elle a dans notre vieux voisinage
Je suis sûre qu'elle va se lier avec des gens
Même la pluie s'abaisse, disons un prière pendant que
Tu armes ta crinière
Pas de cigarettes seulement des Havanas pelés pour toi

Je peux être cruelle, sais pas pourquoi
Pourquoi mon ballon ne peut pas voler dans une ciel
Parfaitement venteuse

Danse avec les Sufis (?), fête ton préféré dans le hit-parade de la douleur
Amant frère bogenvilla (?) ma vigne s'enroule autour de ton besoin
Même la pluie est aiguisée comme aujourd'hui
Pendant que tu me donnes un choc cicatrisant
Pas de cigarettes seulement des Havanas pelés
Je peux être cruelle
Tank she should find a new career. (either that or i need to learn how to stop her annoying me so...) 000804
moonshine Chickens get to taste your meat. Blood roses. Blood roses.. 000804
MollyCule go to bed
priests are dead
now no one
can call you bad
chanaka maybe love turned into like
i know you don't like me much...
let's go for a ride
Glory Box The new Jesus. The anti-Jesus. She goes shopping with Mary. She plays blackjack with Joseph, and her and baby Jesus jam, him on the guitar, her on the piano. 001205
chanaka she's a good time fella
too bad the burial was premature she said
and smiled
*Ziima* She is my sister. My sister who understands my crying at the mirror. My sister who understands why I dont want to drink the medicine. She knows and I know...that no angels are comming. Only the Riot Poof will blossom. After we bite through his dried lean meat, of course... 010220
zimma_sucks_ugly_cock_bcuz_shes_slutty You cry in the mirror because your reflection is hideous.

Tori fucking Amos doesn't hear a word you say, and neither does anyone else.


(Opinions expressed here are not those of Tori Amos, or Tori Amos Inc. Please direct all flames and hatred to Thank you.)
*Ziima* Who the hell are you. 010304
Aimee Okay, first of all mr. i hate zimma blah blah blah and so forth, you don't even KNOW ms. *Ziima*. She's a very kind person, and if you knew anything about her you'd shut the hell up! Her claim that tori is her sister is her way of stating that she feels tori understands her without directly knowing her. Perhaps if you weren't such a fucking chode and waste of space yourself you'd find something better to do that insult someone who's just sharing a bit of themselves.... prick 010304
sabbie and some days,
you can just see the love.
skg a link in the chain ... 010413
Glory Box It's insane how tori always degenerates into rampant hatred or petty squabbling.

When you deal with the rabid masses, someone's toes are bound to get stepped on.
*Ziima* Why cant we all just get along? 010719
Aimee because then life would be easy... people would be happy, and I wouldn't be ready to fucking kill anyone right now. 010719
no reason maynard sings her lullabies. 020719
Sailor Jupiter My fav singer.
She gave me "Me and a Gun" and many other songs that reflect things that have happened to me...
Tellin my whole life with her words killing me softly
Human Behavior Leading up to his marriage a friend of mine listened to the song "Little Earthquakes" almost non-stop. I found his wife-to-be pretty annoying, and I've often wondered if this was his way of trying to say I WANT OUT. They're still together, but I no longer hear from him. His wife sends outs those annoying form letters ("Dear Friends, Life here has been hectic!") a couple of times a year, and I can guarantee that she doesn't listen to "Little Earthquakes". 020719
angie glue...stuck to my shoes 020720
xxx too bad tori and trent never got together. what a bizarre and wonderful union that would be. they would sorta balance each other out. 020720
dannie he called me amazing because i understand the lyrics to her songs. but i think its more like her lyrics understand me. 020731
Glory Box There's a video where all she does is stand in profile as her hair flickers across her face, pushed helter-skelter by the wind.

It's mesmerizing.

I watched for ten minutes, looping over and over, checking the scenery.

tori is fantastically brilliant.

her music is ethereal
and so is she.
no reason i wish i could simultaneously play a keyboard with one hand and a piano with the other. 020921
no reason WILL see tori perform. she's coming she's coming she's coming!!! 020929
dannielle if you're by and you have the time, tell the northern lights to keep shining..lately it seems like they're drowning. 021120
angie this is cooling faster than i can 021210
pepperdrinks i never cared too much for the money, but i know right now honey that it's in god's hands

but i don't know who the Father is

Talula Talula

i don't want to lose it

it must be worth losing if it is worth something

Talula Talula

she's brand new now to you

wrapped in your papoose
your little fig newton
User24 tori amos is cool, crucify, winter and raspberry swirl are my favorites, little earthquakes (the album) is, IMHO, better than Under the Pink. 030420
no reason w/ benfolds

coming here!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't think they were, but they are.

my day has been made.
niska it sometimes bothers me that he really digs tori amos.

it's nice he is so eclectic in his musical tastes, but i just don't like her music, let alone hearing it in the car all day, everyehere we go...

but he hates linkin park, so i suppose we're even...
no reason not anymore...sigh...
i'm a moron. anyone want a concert ticket?
no reason oh wait. nevermind. double moron. this comment should be transferred to radiohead. 030708
u24 I only just realised that 'icicle' is about masterbation. 061028
a clever disguise The most admirable woman in the music busines.

Hands down.

No question.
what's it to you?
who go