sandy "so then love walked up to like, and said, 'i know that you don't like me much... let's go for a ride.' this ocean is wrapped around that pineapple tree, and is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses? these kisses..." 011112
angie i saw tori play live on october 21st, 2001. she is my favorite
this is cooling faster than i can
Sailor Jupiter Tori Amos was my 1st concert. She blew me away and has been my fav singer since. she sings about my life. 020110
josie "i'm afraid of a light in the dark" 020510
Kate I'll always remember exactly how I started to love Tori Amos. In 7th grade, I switched from public school to a 7-12 grade private school, and got the bus to my new school at my old public school. One girl who rode the bus was named Amber, and she was a senior. She was quiet but impressive, and had curly dark red hair, and I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever met. One day I sat in the seat across from her and she was reading a lyric book, and it turned out to be Tori Amos' "From the Choirgirl Hotel". Resolved to find what made her so special and set apart from everyone else, I got the cd from the library and loved it from the very start. Before I listened to it, I thought that it was a live album, from the Choirgirl Hotel! But what enchants me more than pianos and deep, confusing lyrics? I bought the piano book and eventually acquired the cds and singles, and definately spread the love of Tori to my coolest and most eclectic friends.

"You're just so pretty when you're putting the damage on"
jenna wont you just hold down... 020924
shatazap i think she spells her name with a 'y' but she is hot. 021005
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