gigaphairy just about to fall off the cliff
what's going through your mind?
...It isn't fear
Or hate.
You're calm as you let go of everything you ever loved because you know it's all getting worse and when you spend your time getting through every day as fast as you can because you can't wait to sleep and say goodbye to it all however briefly...
Then you know you're going to die.
Toxic_Kisses Isnít that the name of an 80's game in witch you put one colorful do-dad on top of another one until they - topple? 020419
Sintina "to totter and fall"
"to lean over as if about to fall"

Totter, topple, tumble, tilt,
Weeble, wobble, wumpel, wilf

Note to self:
Do not be sad and serious or poetic and thoughtful or in love or in like, or anything! You get too involved.
Just read and write and blathe.
Eat, sleep. Something like that.
what's it to you?
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