Murphy It used to just be minty and made in Maine, but now it's blue and clear.
Crescent fresh.
girl_jane I hate it when I brush my teeth in a rush and end up with dried toothpaste around my lips. Fortunately, I have a 1/2 hour drive to school to notice it before anybody else sees it. 020214
yummyC oh god to be able to be so UNobsessive about my appearance as to not notice about dried toothpaste. 020214
bethany i love my sister who is 13 years older than me, and every moment spent with her was like hanging out with "Gem" and i acted how stefanie did on full house when she got to sit at the power table at lunch. all this was when this stuff pertained to my life
one day this sister i love brought me grocery shopping with her. and i can still remember standing in the aisle getting a dissertation on toothpaste marketing. tom's was my kind coz it was earthy and such, my mom's was S&S coz it was cheap, Minnie's was sparkly coz she was 3, and her's was mentadent coz she was a name brand girl and they had just come out with that revolutionary 2 in 1 toothpaste. shoulda just written about that.
Ariadani the most wonderful feeling in the world is getting a new tube of toothpaste that tastes good, and doesnt make you gag because its got too much nasty crap in it.
aaah, wonderful freshness.
sparkley clean.
me i hate it when you brush your teeth and then you eat something and it tastes all gross from the toothpaste residue. 021220
spoons yay! I'm a crest kid! : ) 021220
white_wave time for another one of my animal_related blathes.... *hears everyone yawing*

doesn't it seem ridiculous that they make poultry or beef flavoured toothpaste for dogs? Sure it would taste yummy, but it doesn't do much for freshening their breath.

but on the positive side, it could also be marketed to people that want to use kissing as a way of gracefully ending a blind_date that isn't going anywhere.
yawing isnt a word but yawning is. 040314
...AntiqueClocks... I always used to get the bubble-gum kind... I didn't like mint. Now the bubble-gum seems kinda grows... 040314
...AntiqueClocks... Ha I'm so stupid! bubble gum seems kinda grows? sure.... gross maybe but I hope it dosen't grow... 040918
Ryakoth It's a conspiracy 100116
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