me? my tonsils ache
my belly sour
my eyes and ears are red
to pleasure sate
and sense to power
i took her off to bed
and all night toss
and all night turn
featherdust floats about the air
thoughts crisscross
and i now learn
that sleep is something she can't share
amy some people... make me smile. or grin or giggle. laugh even. and then smile again.

and sometimes my tonsils are involved...
nullspace i had mine removed when i was quite young.
i wonder if i would speak differently had they been left in
jennifer I lost my tonsils at age 15, and it increased my vocal resonance by several degrees

for three years after, I was called
surround sound jenny
WoNDERGIRL I want mine out. Gone. Anywhere far far away from my throat. I hate them. They're nothing but trouble. And these damn antibiotics cause my birth_control not to work. This sucks. I hate strep_throat. I'm going to die now. 000528
j_blue had mine removed a week ago tomorrow

it sucked

cant suck penis for a while

pain killer ruined my apetite (good since swallowing hurts, bad since not eating makes my skin peel, among other things)
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