whitechocolatewalrus i don't know who I am today
i don't know
i want to change
i want to stay the same
who was i yesterday and where have i gone?
i don't know who i am today
whitechocolatewalrus today i don't know what was where or when why
today was a day my heart is still beating
i am still here
monee taking it easy 041220
pSyche Today I am
i want to say hello
when you get ready to go.
Today I am tired
ready to go to bed
when the day is but starting.
Today I am unready
wishing it were still yesterday
and that I knew what to do.
Today I am fully aware
of the facts that life has given me
i am unimportant
i am soon forgotten
i am worthless
i am the only thing you love.
Today I am amazed
at how you can care for me
something so far below what you deserve.
whitechocolatewalrus today i am doubting my abilities 050604
In_Bloom Missing way too much 091031
z today, i am. 091102
Lemon_Soda Productive. 091102
what's it to you?
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