Zeiga when neither option is best, there is blather. 090707
blown cherry I sit here with a heavy weight in my chest that will give way to panic if I allow myself to cry. If I allow myself to sleep the darkness will simply erode my dreams. 090708
past "i'm too sober to sleep; too drunk to cry"

(far from the truth of now)
In_Bloom We teeter on the precipice, eyes misting over
So close breaking in front of each other
But we don't
We are trying so hard to keep straight, going through the movements of control even though acknowledge we're each walking deconstructs
Embracing and giving into sleep lets us escape another day, another close encounter with past, present and future
To skip in and out while smiling and licking at only the sweetness of the hours is what we manage
The time will come but I don't want it yet
Instead, stand with me at the edge and let's look but not leap
OleL tears_frosen_bendt_to_the_road 090724
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