Dafremen To A Tree I Know
From R. Dafremen

It's me again tree
That silly person who loves you
Funny isn't it
That a man of words and logic
Could feel such kinship with you?
I find the time that passes by
Seems to be much more worthwhile
The breeze's scent more fragrant
Having passed from you to me
Ancient tree I love you
Honestly these words are meant
To express a deep emotion
A feeling pouring from my heart
Whenever I pass by you
Who could have known I'd come to this?
Who would have known this tenderness
Was in a man of science, coldest logic such as me?
Let them laugh, I love you
Like a man might love his brother
Just concern for one another
With out thought, dear tree I love you
Let them laugh, they cannot fathom
Not even having having seen us
Cannot know our familiarity
Nor hear wordless thoughts
That pass between us.
little fury bug
the giving tree
by shel silverstein
daxle [science is nature is magic]
remember all those times I climbed up you barefoot with my dad's camera around my neck to take pictures of the sunset?
remember the time you got sap all over my new shorts and tore up my new shirt and mom was mad? don't worry... she can't even remember that anymore.
remember that time I almost feel from you and did the only complete pull up of my life?
what's it to you?
who go