jon They might be big,
They might be fake,
They might be big big fake fake lies.
say what?! Gon't you mean
They Might Be Giants?
say what?! ...And Gon't I mean Don't? 011208
god rhythm section want-ad 011208
jon Tabloid footprints in your hair.
Tabloid footprints everywhere.
jon (Say what,
These are lyrics from one of They Might Be Giants' songs.)
Dont Lets Start "When people come to our shows, they DANCE. It's sweaty, high energy. That's the thing people don't realize. People act like we're some kind of cultural critique on rock music. Dude -- I like playing really loud and jumping up and down."

- John Flansburgh, Spin (Dec 2000)
ClairE The only show I've ever been to. 011210
aaaaardy We must be silent
'Cause they might be giants
And whattaya gonna do unless they are?
mister horrible i've got a weak heart

and i don't get around
how you get around
MollyCule how bout another
first kiss, kiss, kiss, yeah
someone keeps moving birdmads chair everybody wants prosthetic foreheads for their real head 011213
aaaardy What's that blue thing doing here? 011213
oppressed_youth The sun is so large a million Earths could fit inside it,
And yet...
It is only a middle sized star!
MollyCule last year when we saw them play at the Odeon, Holleee and I gave them a pair of size 22 women's undies with a love letter sharpied on the butt. Then, later last year, when we again saw them at the Odeon, we reminded Flans of this, and he said, "oh, you guys are craaaazy" and walked away quite fast. 020824
devalis Cuz everyone's your friend
in New York City
And everything looks beautiful
when you're young and pretty
the streets are paved with diamonds
and there's just so much to see
but the best thing about New Work City is
you and me
devalis dammit if I can't spell. 020825
IKC 56-80 the words i'm singin' now / mean nothing more than meow 020825
screwing for virginity !!W@@TAGE!!

i need a concert schedule though
oren aaaardy jon I haven't blathed in over a year now, but I've returned to this page because of the following:

I received an email from someone I don't know and the subject line said, "What's that blue thing doing here?"

This mysterious person named Odelyn wanted to know what song those lyrics came from.

I wrote back and told him/her it was from the song Fingertips by TMBG, and the CD was titled Apollo 18. I also mentioned I didn't know who I was writing to.

The next day, Odelyn wrote again thanking me for the info. He/she had done a Google search using the lyrics and this page appeared near the top.

Since I posted those particular lyrics, Odelyn thought, "Why not? Certainly this person will know the song."

Isn't the internet an amazing thing?

By the way, I'll probably return again someday. Until then, I hope all of you blatherers keep on blathering in blatherful fashion.
screwing for virginity im your only friend
im not your only friend
im your little glowing friend
but really im not accually your friend

but i am
ClairE We were sixteen and at my first concert, it was 1999 and we were at the Bowery and she lifted up her shirt in the bathroom to show me her bra. Nothing behind the grin on her face, and I made sure very carefully not to look at my face in the mirror. 031027
riggzy Avalanche or road block
I was a snowball in hell
Avalanche or road block
A jailor trapped in his cell
oren The world's address! 051223
what's it to you?
who go