unhinged my mind drifts to you
when i am
helping an old lady find sweat pants
the gentle but insistent pressure
of your body on top of mine
gently pulling desire out of me

my knees buckle slightly
my eyes bring now back into focus
i'm supposed to be working

you chuckle at me
i ask you why
what i possibly just did to make you laugh
'you are just adorable, that's all'
i feel it hitting me like waves
when you look at me with shining eyes
the force of it
hits me
must be how magnets feel
to come together

it is a different day
a different moment
but the memories already
pull smiles out of me

i want to know the feeling
of us together
every moment i breathe
unhinged (we were a beautiful
flash in the pan

i hope you are ok)
what's it to you?
who go