angelita I adore this little guy.
one, he's a genuine, non-pap journalist.
two, he's shockingly nice, but a stunner when fighting - even the big nasty baddies.
three, just look at his friends - Thomson and Thompson chuckle me up muchly.

and of course, Hergé's artwork combined with the plots. it's just beautiful.and, weirdly, I prefer it in English than the original French. the jokes are better.
misstree kill scripts were the only things that kept me alive, what with my utter lack of skillz and my 2400 dialup. tintin script from ruthven, souped up (and probably made less effective) by meself. of course being real life friends with some of the nastier imms and vamps helped. instant major retribution for any action against me was a bit of a deterrent. and there was the whole bit about being a cheerleader for clan torment, who pretty much squashed anyone they felt like. but tintin saved me when i was all alone. 040322
Aimee wow... i didn't even think of him at first. When I first saw this blathe, I thought of The Crow. hmmmmm 040323
zeke Herge started out in early issues as Nazi sympathizer. These issues are out of print and almost forgotten. 040323
the music obsessed white_wave i thought of something entirely different. like the band from the 80's.

Kiss me with your mouth
Your love is better than wine
But wine is all I have
Will your love ever be mine
z i think he was from belgium 040323
novocainstain heart! heart! heart!and the cigars of the pharoah etc. o yes 060316
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