amy i'm a thinker, for the most part. most of the time, you stay out of the woods and maintain that objective distance, sorting stuff. but sometimes you need to go into_the_woods...

charles http://www.mit.edu/people/nocturne/athena/text/woods.html#No_One_Is_Alone 000823
split droner in a heavy moment not weakened by a lack of calm, the coalition of coagulation surveyed the mining terrority in search of an answer and only came up with a severed finger covered in dust.

i'm sure my life outside
is out of site

well, i suppose this is an end. lemme tell you about the shards and the sharks. it keeps me together, thinking about tinkering with the rj45 noose and a set of black widow covered bunkbeds, dream images, of course, what isn't? what comes first: the thinking or the tinkering?

floss erases things that are captive.
what's it to you?
who go