Dafremen Time For Want Is Over
R. Dafremen

I will not fight with you today
There's nothing that will make me
Nothing that will stop me from avoiding that unhappiness
Nothing that will make me waste a single moment
Of the precious time that I have with you today
There's so much life outside for us to be living
I'm not going to waste it sitting here, dying
There's too much beauty out there for us to enjoy
For me to stay here creating ugliness with you
There's too little time and too much appreciation left unexpressed
For me to waste away the hours appreciating you less
There's too much love in my heart for you and for everything
To fill my mouth with hate to hurl at nothing
There's so much to do, so many ways to go, to give
For us to be doing nothing and going nowhere, because we want

There are so many more reasons, but I mustn't digress
I'm grateful to have gotten that off of my chest
Now please take my hand and let's both close our mouths
We can win, not by arguing to get what we want
But by loving enough to let it go.
Bruised Ego No way.

doesn't give up just because you say it's the right thing or the most moral and perhaps "noble" act

No. I don't have to.
what's it to you?
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