jennifer Tia started out as a friendly soul who captured my attention and my affection at International Thespian Convention 1998.

Then, shortly after, I changed her... she went back to her native Hawaii and went on with her life, but in my head she became evil.

Not by any fault of her own, mind you, but for dramatic purposes only.

And then, only recently, she became this dark person. This evil side that everyone has, but rarely do we act upon it, or even acknowledge it.

She is, for lack of a better cliche, my evil twin. She is everything that I hate about myself and that I wish I could change into a super concentrated sickly rich form.

And, I hope, some day, she can forgive me.
amy tia is the name of a good friend from grade school, middle school, and my freshman year in high school. she was super-interested in ESP, as they called it in the 80's (what is it called in the naughts?). she moved to Maine. 000115
aaaarrggghhhh!!!oooooeeeeee!!!!!!! i don't know anyone named tia 011128
el chorizon accent the I and it's the spanish word for Aunt 011128
ClairE aunt.

a girl's name.

(An inspired blathe, I know. Congratulate me later.)
.god except for good ol' tia pok. 011128
ClairE Amy, I believe it is still referred to as "ESP". 011128
harrison hey i know this cute chick named tia... maybe i should call her... 041115
a friend of mine i saw her 2day 050810
harrison i love her...and she hates me... 060125
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