bloodstreams I learned to love myself while watching my reflection in the shattered Glass. This was such a rare occasion that I couldn't bare for it to end. I couldn't remember the last time I could love, like, or even accept myself like that. What used to be in shades of gray was now a world of color.

My every thought had crystal shimmers;-)

Unfortunately, I never learned to "keep everything in moderation". It gets scary when Ice leaves you frozen on the flow of time for you to watch your 37th straight hour pass you by. Or when you find yourself conciously trying to regulate your heartbeat. And the realization that all this writing actually turned out to be a "tweeker project" isn't too comforting either. Ha, actually that part's kinda funny. I shoulda known that all that meth was going to go bad with my insomnia. This was great. I don't really feel like shit anymore and I've finally slowed my mind down enough to probably get some sleep. I'm gonna have to lay off that stuff for a while. I started trippin too much.
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