User24 The minumum size for each page is 4k
So if there's 16862 words, and each was only at the minimum size, we'd be looking at 65.8Mb, given that the word blather is currently 857k, so lets's take an average - of those two....

making blather 3.528Gb.

In reality, I'd guess at around 4.5Gb.
That's not including the history of each day and user, either.
User24 the earliest file created date I've found is:

30-Sep-1998 17:33

(look at
User24 As far as I can make out, is located in "Oceanside", near Long Beach CA.

You can see an arial photo of the general area that the blather servers are in here:

It's on a computer running debian linux and called zartan (telnet in and have a look)
User24 The IP Address is 030131
User24 PING ( from : 64(92) bytes of data.
72 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=231 time=172.029 msec
72 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=231 time=169.984 msec
72 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=231 time=169.987 msec
72 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=231 time=179.987 msec
72 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=231 time=169.984 msec

--- ping statistics ---
5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/mdev = 169.984/172.394/179.987/3.886 ms
User24 The ip address translats to:
User24 Sorry about the formatting but here's traceroute

1 ( 36 bytes to 1.023 ms 0.767 ms 0.685 ms
2 ( 36 bytes to 40.799 ms 23.028 ms 21.459 ms
3 ( 36 bytes to 22.053 ms 22.478 ms 49.982 ms
4 ( 36 bytes to 45.736 ms 44.779 ms 46.551 ms
5 ( 36 bytes to 46.097 ms 44.544 ms 47.305 ms
6 ( 36 bytes to 53.800 ms 54.312 ms 31.532 ms
7 ( 36 bytes to 31.513 ms 35.258 ms 36.732 ms
8 ( 36 bytes to 39.846 ms 37.902 ms 41.884 ms
9 ( 36 bytes to 113.355 ms 113.164 ms 114.166 ms
10 ( 36 bytes to 117.883 ms 114.978 ms 123.031 ms
11 ( 36 bytes to 123.819 ms 102.321 ms 103.079 ms
12 ( 36 bytes to 103.644 ms 103.075 ms 102.298 ms
13 ( 36 bytes to 102.444 ms ( 36 bytes to 106.251 ms 102.408 ms
14 ( 36 bytes to 103.733 ms 110.397 ms 111.504 ms
15 ( 36 bytes to 110.764 ms 106.601 ms 120.067 ms
16 ( 36 bytes to 106.667 ms 122.651 ms 114.442 ms
17 ( 36 bytes to 181.531 ms 186.902 ms 190.466 ms
18 ( 36 bytes to 179.085 ms 187.234 ms 186.214 ms
19 ( 36 bytes to 192.242 ms * 196.820 ms
20 ( 36 bytes to 180.146 ms 191.245 ms 191.848 ms
21 ( 46 bytes to 173.938 ms 178.540 ms 176.786 ms
user24 I'm doing a full port scan on it as well 030131
User24 I cancelled it - it was taking too long.
port 21 (ftp) was open though.
User24 Just run a quick (20 port) scan and found:

cube Looks like you're planning a full scale assault on the place. Sign me up for a ringside seat please...
User24 lol, nah, just browsing... 030407
User24 FYI. the top 3 blathes, in terms of size, are:

100_facts_about_me : 2.6Mb
love : 2.3 Mb
fuck : 3.0 Mb

this is not including any blathes that start with 'i', 'h' or 'd'

as I can't see the listings for those pages.
jane you're psychotic
but it's swell
endless desire why didn't blather work yesterday?
i nearly went mad.
endless desire all answer my own question with
blather_crash. that was unfortunate.
oh and i don't think fuck deserves to be the longest blather. since it is only large because of one blathe that was just from a book or something of the like.
User24 jane: funny you should say that actually.. see
User24 blather tells us that it's birthday is today (if you're lucky enough to be here on the 18th of August, check out the three_words on the homepage) 030818
jane i missed that so long ago

i appreciate your insanity
it makes you unique
User24 thankyou :) 030917
nomatter my god, your smart. 031024
User24 smartness is relative; I can't add two number together, or work out my emotions, but I can program a computer and philosophise on the nature of consciousness. go figure. :) 031025
r1y9a6n4 i have no idea what this all means, nonetheless, i am fascinated 031208
r1y9a6n4 what's the whole thing with i, h, and d? 031208
User24 webservers are set up to deliver webpages.

so, if you request

the webserver at will look for halb.html and send it to you.

but what if you ask simply for

then, the webserver will look for index.html, then home.html, then default.html and give whichever of those it finds to you.

so, when we ask for

the webserver finds index.html, and gives it to us.

instead of listing all the files in the 'i' directory and giving us a choice.

this is why we can't see the list of words under 'h', 'i' or 'd'


however, during the most recent blather_crash, the webserver here, for whatever reason, stopped giving it's default pages (index, home and default.html) and so we were briefly able to see the listings for those directories.

I have saved the listings onto my computer, and, if I remember, will upload the lists tonight.

r1y9a6n4 thanks a lot u24. learn something new every minute 031209
whitechocolatewalrus that was so complicated I don't think I understand, but that's okay because it was quite interesting to read. u24 makes me confused. it's fun though. 031209
u24 see:

u24 i_found_a_blather_secret
has some more interesting info
(or mind-numbingly boring info, depending on who you are)
u24 blather has quadrupled in size since I created this blathe.

u24 for anyone interested in bandwidth use, this is quite interesting..

as you may know, I host blight on puremango, which in effect makes puremango the same as blather (ish).

Search engines got hold on blight and chewed it right up, causing my bandwdth to leap to 80% usage in about 3 days.

so, on a busy day, imho, blather must transfer about 3Gb/day. :-)
oren Who_is shelling_out the dough for this site?

Any_idea how_much it costs to keep_it running?

BTW, I_love this blathe.
anne-girl i just d/led 6446 blathes

average of 13.45K / blathe
times 55866 = 752102K
0.75 GB
plot of blathe size vs amount of blathes having that size
[the colours! they burn!]

(sample size for graph: 3470 blathes)
u24 nice graph, anne-girl. wouldn't have expected such a sharp drop..

oren; well, it's owned by the newdream network, whoose principle business these days in web hosting (see they're first main product, afaik, was dreambook, which evolved from sage's dream webring. see also dallas_and_sage
u24 no don't see also that, see sage_and_dallas.

from sage on blather, as I remember:

"it was dallas's idea, I just wrote it"
u24 see also also megans_blather_paper 051111
oren Thanks! I_just spent an hour reading the various write-ups, both here and on other sites, about sage_and_dallas.

It all makes sense now.
meta meta 060215
u24 just looked at that traceroute again; they've got a direct connection to level3. sweet. 060506
gja i dont know whether all this makes me like my blather more or less.
i just came for the words
what's it to you?
who go