amy I was going to perform a labour of love and type in all the signs so that the words could get all linked up, interwoven and stuff But then I became afraid of copyright infringements, so instead, here's a link that you are now be obliged to investigate:
Amy Has drove me to drink. 000727

she's on my list for this week...
NoOne not starting off to good... Soo much work to do. i could do work all night and still not be close to done, why am i a physics major?

but tomorrows haloween, i like halloween

major calc test tuesday tho, thats gunna limit my holiday mischief

however wednsdays my birthday, 18 finally
my room mates birthday too, shes gunna be 19 tho

grrr... major physics test on thursday, so much for partying on my birthday

But then its thuirsday night and i love thursday nights

thats gunna be this week
NoOne Fuck and i have to read a book by wednsday

and sociologys gunna be the death of me, damn social science core, fucking projects

crap college is hard
what's it to you?
who go