j_blue i like the intro, its real peppy 001110
a jumped up birdmad who never knew his place "he knows so much about these things" 010107
silentbob "do you remember the story of the boy and his first lady? she took him to the lake and he fell in love. she spent the summer waking up between his arms. she told him how good that felt, told him he was the one. do you remember when they both drove out of state? stealing kisses behind her cousin's back...
but now shes gone away and shes not coming back and i'm pretty sure that boy's staying in tonight"
beautifully butchered alkalinetrio song
"she took him to the lake"
reminds me so much of my own situation, except for the fact that we both fell out of love with each other, she didnt break my heart.
but she lived at a lake and spent the summer waking up between my arms, and we stole kisses behind the back of anyone who was driving us anywhere we were going. and now i stay in at night.
silentbob sorry alkaline_trio 010108
chanaka but what does he MEAN?? 010108
silentbob which part? basically its a song about the death of love. she loves someone else now. 010108
he knows so much about these things "i would go out tonight

but i haven't got a stitch to wear

this man says it's gruesome

that someone so handsome should care"
voss he's charmless. brendan. 010126
unique butterfly He's beautiful from head to toe. His hair appears black, but it might be dark brown. His eyes sparkle like tiny blue diamonds, even when he's sad. His smile is so wonderful and gentle. His face is his best feature. The rest of him is also wonderful, but I can't help watching his face. 010602
mippy moo moo i once too had a situation like that... except for the lake, that describes our situation perfectly. now i live across the country, but i'm positive he has fallen out of love with me...

we're just palios now
its good
i think i'm fortunate to be able to be friends with all of my ex's and stuff

no bad karma or mojo or anything
that's fortune i think.
what's it to you?
who go